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Meet Dr. Krystine

  • Dr.
    Krystine Weum

    Dr. Krystine Weum is originally from Minnesota. She began her chiropractic career by developing x-rays in her father's chiropractic office during her summer vacations from high school. She advanced in his office to do therapies and then eventually to front desk Chiropractic Assistant. This progression of duties proved to be helpful in her eventual career choice. As she entered college, she had no doubt what health-related path she was going to follow. She graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in December of 1983 and married Dr. Rick in March of 1984.

    Dr. Krys realized early in her practice that a malnourished patient did not hold an adjustment for very long and so began educating her patients on nutrition and positive lifestyle changes. This approach is called a 'wholistic' approach and has proven to be very beneficial to her many patients over the years.

    Dr. Krys utilizes nutritional counseling, manual adjusting, Activator technique,and rehab-type exercises in her practice. Restoring health and maximizing your quality of life is her primary focus as you continue on your journey to good health.

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